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Among Us 2 is a social deduction game that focuses on the imposter who must stealthily kill off the crew, while pretending to be one of them. 

Among Us 2 is bigger than the first game. Here you can play with up to eight players at once in co-op. While this game mode is fun, it is also a bit chaotic at times. That's the best part, though; all of the players are working together, but nobody is sure who the imposter is. The best part, though, is that you can play solo as the astronaut against seven AI crewmates. This is a ton of fun as well because you are still in control of your movements, you just have to be extra careful in case one of the crewmates is the imposter.

Among Us 2 is now on new platforms

A major drawback for the first game was that the game was not available on Switch. It would be nice to play on the go, but it's understandable as to why it's not there. That doesn't mean it cannot be played on the go, though. The developers have made it available to play Among Us 2 online through a browser, which is great news for those that want to play away from home.

Among Us 2 is available on those platforms where the first game was not available. You can play it on PlayStation. Xbox, Facebook, Steam, or Nintendo Switch. If you've never tried the original game, you can download Among Us 2 for PC or even on Nintendo Switch and play it on the go. Since the Among Us 2 game is played through a browser, it's also accessible through mobile devices and Android phones. I've played it on my phone and it's not as smooth as it is when played through a computer.

It plays the same as Among Us One, but it faster and funnier

The imposter can also communicate with the crew using various text commands, but it's not as easy as it sounds. The imposter is able to see players as they move around the rooms in the spaceship, but the crew is not able to see the imposter. The imposter must use their surroundings to their advantage and use objects to their advantage. This includes a hair dryer, a rolling pin, and a fork. When you play Among Us 2 the imposter must know when to use these items to kill off crewmates and when to use them to progress in the game. The crew, on the other hand, must get through daily tasks such as repairing the ship, collecting samples, and keeping the ship running. Once every player is killed off, the imposter becomes the crew and vice versa. The imposter must then figure out who the new imposter is in time to kill them before they kill everyone else. 

The Redacted Files Mode

The game also has a little bit of a meta-game that is unlocked after the first level is completed. This "Redacted Files" mode offers a narrative to Among Us 2 game that includes a detective on Earth trying to figure out who is the imposter in the crew. Players can submit an anonymous vote with their character to see who they suspect is the imposter. Additionally, players can submit the characters they are using to show they completed the level in-game.

The Redacted Files mode is a fun addition when you download Among Us 2 and compere with the first part. I love the idea of having a detective trying to solve the mystery, and the fact that players can submit their characters as well. It is fun to play with friends and family, and it's a nice break from the typical social deduction game.

The game has an intense amount of strategy, and it forces players to think quickly. 

Among Us 2 is the complete opposite of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and that's okay. Sometimes we need a break from the cutesy, family-friendly games in order to keep us grounded and have a good time. I do hope that Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not release until Among Us 2 is fixed, because I want to play both games and it would be a shame to play the wholesome game after something as brutal as Among Us 2.

To all the players out there, remember to be nice. To the non-players, I hope you give this game a try – it really is one of a kind.

Among Us 2 is a thing that can be a meme, and it's a thing that you can play for hours of fun. The game will be taking the world by storm for months to come, and I'm already looking forward to every bit of it.

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